Welcome Primo Incense Lovers

As you probably know, Primo Incense has closed its doors. We are so grateful our
friends at Primo have referred their devoted customers to us at Prasad Gifts and promise
to take excellent care of you.

Primo has made its recommendation for two reasons. The first is that our Prasad Celestial
Incense line is made by the same Indian family that has made Primo all these years, so you can
expect the same exceptional quality incense you’ve enjoyed from Primo, even though we package
our incense under our own Prasad Celestial incense label. (It's available in both 10 gram/10 stick
Prasad Celestial packages and in 250 gram bulk packs.)

The second reason Primo has sent you our way is Prasad Gifts’ 33-year tradition of treating our
customers like family. We truly are committed to your complete satisfaction.

We sincerely hope you will give us the opportunity to serve you.

Wth warm regards,
Sandy and Jonas Magram
Prasad Gift, Inc.